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Players have no right to bare arms

The Baltimore Sun

A few weeks back, Mr. Flip complained about how football players weren't wearing pads anymore. At the risk of seeming obsessive about football uniforms, he would like to weigh in about another matter that is bugging him.

Can you guys please put on some long sleeves?

It was darn cold in those two NFL playoff games Saturday, but everywhere you looked on the field, players were dressed as if it were a game in September. They were showing off their meaty, tattoo-laden arms, showing how tough they are, acting as if they'd never heard of a wind-chill reading.

Mr. Flip certainly wouldn't want to infringe upon their right to bare arms, but let's think about the kids here. Mr. Flip has been through enough arguments with the Flip Kids and now the GrandFlips about wearing a jacket when it's chilly. What kind of example are these guys setting?

When Jerry Kramer threw that block to get Bart Starr into the end zone to win the Ice Bowl in 1967, neither of them was wearing short sleeves. So do Mr. Flip a favor: Bundle up.

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