No more overcharging; natural gas is cheaper

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Home Depot: We fixed our Maryland sales tax glitch

Maryland's sales tax went from 5 percent to 6 percent on Jan 3. (Although often it's a little more than 6 percent. See previous blog posts.)

A few stores did not make a smooth transition, apparently. I got e-mail from readers who said they were overcharged a few cents at Home Depot stores. One was the White Marsh store.

Spokeswoman Anne Manning said that there was a problem at a "few" stores and that it has been fixed. "We have not received any further customer complaints and believe the issue is resolved. If you hear otherwise, please let me know."

If YOU hear otherwise, please let ME know.

BGE natural gas price falls even as oil soars

Crude oil recently hit $100 a barrel, sending heating-oil prices to new highs. But natural-gas prices have dipped thanks to large inventories and the absence of a bad cold snap. Baltimore Gas and Electric's January natural-gas commodity price is 93.64 cents - lower than the December price of 95.58 cents and far lower than January 2007's $1.0373 and January 2006's $1.2405.

If you're a BGE natural-gas customer and you didn't sign up for a (higher) fixed price contract with an alternative vendor such as Washington Gas Energy Services, 93.64 cents is your January price - plus costs for delivery and so forth.

Because natural gas isn't as easily transportable as oil or usable in as many applications, their prices sometimes diverge.

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