Housing slump; doctor shortage; bright spot in space

Healing touch in short supply

Although Maryland has plenty of doctors, it doesn't have enough who see patients, the head of the state medical society said last week. While the state has about 25,000 licensed physicians, nearly 40 percent are engaged in teaching, research and administrative duties.


Foreclosure crisis grows

Alarmed by signs that Maryland's burgeoning foreclosure problem will worsen before it gets better, 200 housing counselors, lenders and other officials packed a forum to talk about solutions. Foreclosures are expected to loom large in the current legislative session.


Space firm plans Md. base

Alliant Techsystems Inc. has agreed to purchase the space and radar business of Canada's MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. for $1.32 billion and plans to establish the headquarters for its new combined space business in Maryland.

Foreclosure steps at issue

Judges on Maryland's highest court suggested they could intervene to change the notification procedure for foreclosures, which have ballooned as more people took out loans they couldn't afford and lenders made deals they couldn't keep.

Housing slump deepens

The local housing market ended its second full year of the downturn in a worsening slump, with year-over-year sales in December falling 30 percent. Sales in the Baltimore metro area dropped about 20 percent last year. That's a bigger decrease than the region saw in 2006.