Drugs in baseball, Romo's life getting plenty of investigation

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News item: Major League Baseball has accepted the recommendation of steroid investigator George Mitchell and created a permanent investigative unit to monitor drug use in the sport.

My take: Funny, I thought there already was a permanent investigative unit to monitor illegal drug use in sports. It's called the Justice Department - the same one that provided Mitchell with most of the real evidence for his report.

News item: Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo takes the field against the New York Giants today after a barrage of public second-guessing over his decision to vacation in Mexico with Jessica Simpson during his team's playoff bye week.

My take: He really has painted a bull's eye on his forehead, but I doubt the Giants are going to hit it.

News item: Roger Clemens and his attorney played a tape recording of a telephone call between "The Rocket" and Brian McNamee, hoping the cryptic conversation would bolster Clemens' contention that his former personal trainer lied about injecting him with steroids and human growth hormone.

My take: Like everything else Clemens has done during this textbook case of bad crisis management, it only made things worse.

News item: Lawyer Rusty Hardin said during the news conference Monday that he initially thought McNamee contacted Clemens to try to "set Roger up."

My take: Interesting choice of words. If Clemens is innocent, how exactly was McNamee going to do that, by getting Clemens to accidentally admit to using steroids even though he didn't?

News item: The Ravens continue to interview candidates for their vacant head coaching position, but no clear front-runner has emerged.

My take: I don't know who it is going to be, but if it was going to be defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, you'd think we'd know it by now.

News item: Track star Marion Jones begged a judge to send her home to her children, but she was sentenced Friday to six months in prison for lying about her steroid use and complicity in a check-fraud scam.

My take: There are a number of lessons to be learned from this, chief among them that it's probably not a good idea to take steroids and lie about it at the same time your friends are passing millions of dollars worth of counterfeit checks.

News item: Southern California coach Pete Carroll might have the best job in college football, but he apparently is a serious candidate to be the next Atlanta Falcons coach.

My take: Carroll already has been an NFL coach for two so-so teams, so it's hard to imagine him leaving a perennial Bowl Championship Series title contender to take that job.

Related news item: A sports marketing agent told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday that he talked business with Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush before Bush played his last game for the Trojans. It's the latest in a string of allegations that Bush violated NCAA rules by forming improper business relationships while he was at USC. He could lose his Heisman and the school could face sanctions if it is found to have broken any rules.

My take: Now, it's not quite so hard to imagine Carroll leaving a perennial BCS title contender to coach the Falcons.

News item: University of Georgia president Michael F. Adams, who also is the chair of the NCAA Executive Committee, made headlines Tuesday when he called for an eight-team playoff to determine which is the best team in college football each year.

My take: That's doable, but if you think it will end all the controversy that surrounds the college rankings each year, talk to the coach of the No. 9 team the first year the new playoff format is in place. It's just not a perfect science, and it never will be.

News item: Progressive Insurance has bought the naming rights to Cleveland's Jacobs Field, which now will be called Progressive Field.

My take: Then I think it's only fair that Al Franken be invited to throw out the ceremonial first pitch on Opening Day.

News item: O.J. Simpson is headed back to a Las Vegas jail after allegedly violating the terms of his bail.

My take: It would be a nice touch if he pulled up in a white Bronco.


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