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A mountain in reflection

The Baltimore Sun

My son and I traveled to Anchorage, Alaska, to do some sightseeing and halibut fishing last May. We drove south along the Seward Highway, from Anchorage to Seward, a distance of about 125 miles, stopping frequently at pullovers to take in the views. It is almost impossible to drive this highway more than 5 miles at a time without stopping at a pullover to take in the views. Each stop was more beautiful than the last. This photo was taken at Bear Lake, which is just north of Seward. The mountain's reflection in the lake was a photo waiting to happen. We arrived at the hotel in Seward, where we were going halibut fishing the next day. While taking the elevator up to our room along with some other guests, a young fellow asked me if I was from Maryland as I was wearing my Ravens baseball cap. I said yes, and he said that he was from Harford County. What were the odds of running into someone from Maryland in an elevator in Seward, Alaska? Our fishing trip was great. We caught our limit, and the scenery along Resurrection Bay was worth the three-hour boat trip to the fishing grounds.

Jim Adams Orchard Beach

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