Getting bags from air to sea

The Baltimore Sun

We're flying to Miami, then taking a cruise on Celebrity out of Fort Lauderdale. Will the cruise line transfer our luggage from the airport to the ship while we sightsee?

Cruise lines don't offer a luggage-only service, primarily because of security-clearance issues. However, Celebrity offers a transfer service that will transport you with your luggage from Miami International Airport to the ship.

If you purchased your airline ticket through the cruise line, it's already included. If not, you can purchase a round-trip transfer between the airport and cruise port from Celebrity for $56. At the end of your cruise, you can take advantage of Celebrity's "Luggage Valet" program, which allows guests to check their luggage and receive airline boarding passes and baggage claim checks while still on board. The cost is $20 per person for two bags.

I will be visiting Thailand and Malaysia, but the anti-malaria medication that was prescribed to me is too expensive. Is this medication necessary when visiting Southeast Asia?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Southeast Asia is one of several regions in the world where the disease is transmitted. Conditions such as the amount of rainfall, the number of mosquitoes and the number of infected persons in the area can affect a traveler's level of risk.

Dr. Paul Arguin, chief of the CDC's domestic malaria branch, said your need for anti-malarial medicine depends on where you're going. For example, if your travel is restricted to Bangkok, Thailand, there is no real risk of transmission. But if you plan on camping near the Thai-Cambodia border, medicine is an absolute necessity.

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