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Sentimental journey

The Baltimore Sun

The Bucket List is 98 minutes of mawkish sentiment, a stream of greeting-card moments made palatable only because they come out of the mouths of Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

Of course, a plumber's manual would sound interesting if recited by these two men; Nicholson would make it seem subversive, while Freeman would make it seem comforting. But in the end, it would still do nothing more than tell you how to fix a leaky pipe. So it is with this movie; even with all this Hollywood star power, it's still a series of "Happiness is ... " cliches and cuddly moments.

The Bucket List (Warner Bros. Pictures) Starring Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman. Directed by Rob Reiner. Rated PG-13. Time 98 minutes.

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