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The Bucket List

Rating -- PG-13

What it's about -- A pair of terminally ill old men set out to have a few peak experiences, things they've always wanted to do, places they've always wanted to visit, before they "kick the bucket."

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Curmudgeonly Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman act like overgrown kids as they sky-dive, race cars and live it up.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- Everybody ought to have a "bucket list," but not everything on it should be indulgent.

Violence -- None.

Language -- Some profanity, mostly thanks to Jack.

Sex -- Suggested, referred to.

Drugs -- Medicinal only; some alcohol is consumed.

Parents' advisory -- Genial, harmless old-guys-have-one-last-fling comedy with a few laughs, a few tears and not much other than language that would alarm parents of 12 and olders.

The Orphanage

Rating -- R

What it's about -- A former inhabitant of an orphanage wonders if she's going mad when her young son disappears in the place she grew up.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- A scary movie, one with subtitles.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- You can't go home again, or shouldn't, if your home was a haunted orphanage.

Violence -- A car accident, a death or two.

Language -- Quite clean.

Sex -- None.

Drugs -- Medicinal only.

Parents' advisory -- This chilling Spanish thriller is a very soft "R" for a horror movie. Fine for horror-fans old enough not to have nightmares about what they see, say 12 and older.

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