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'Sunday' is a confused, unholy mess

The Baltimore Sun

First Sunday is a movie about forgiveness that asks its audience to forgive too much - with regard to both its characters and its makers.

Set in Baltimore, with a few exteriors shot downtown, this uneven comedy plays a robbery and hostage-taking at a church for laughs, even when its supposedly sympathetic main character pulls a gun and seems plenty ready to use it. The movie is so confused about itself that it comes across as toneless, a bunch of characters wandering around in a story no one is controlling. Even as one wants to cut it some slack for good intentions, the film's scattershot assortment of moods, styles and even character-types keeps dragging it down.

First Sunday (Screen Gems) Starring Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan, Chi McBride. Written and directed by David E. Talbert. Rated PG-13. Time 96 minutes.


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