Take leap of faith on Garrett

The Baltimore Sun

In yesterday's editions, football columnist Mike Preston mentioned the possibility that the Ravens would consider trading for Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis by offering a draft pick or two as compensation. It has happened, most recently in 2006, when the Kansas City Chiefs gave the New York Jets a fourth-round selection for Herm Edwards.

So what's the going rate for a coach whose team can't make the playoffs, can't play defense and can't stay out of trouble?

At least two No. 1s, right?

The Ravens should just hire Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and get it over with. And hope he's the next Jon Gruden rather than the next Mike Mularkey or Gregg Williams or Marty Morningweg or Chris Palmer or ...

You get the idea.

Hot-shot assistants aren't always head coaching material, but something tells me Garrett is the exception. He's extremely bright - a requirement for most Princeton University students, I'm told - and has been described as "brilliant" by Troy Aikman. Garrett has been preparing for this opportunity his entire life, and he has been exposed to some of the best minds in the business.

Under Garrett's direction, the Ravens might not beat New England, but they'd own Harvard and Yale.

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