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Hometown -- Baltimore

Current members --Abby Mott, vocals, guitar and keyboards; Jason Hughes, guitars and vocals; Johnny Armero, bass and vocals; Jay Novak, drums; Kathy Parmelee, percussion and vocals

Founded in --2006

Style --indie pop

Influenced by --Etta James, Sufjan Stevens, Jenny Lewis, the Zombies, Elvis Costello

Notable --Though it wasn't her original plan, Mott ended up playing nearly every instrument on her debut solo album, Hearts a'Flutter. When she took the self-made basement demos of the songs to her studio engineer, they decided to keep the same off-kilter, lo-fi feel for the album, which came out last year.

Quotable --"We liked the quirkiness of someone playing instruments who doesn't exactly know how to play the instruments," Mott said. "I just tried it, and we never hit a point where it wasn't working. So we just kept doing it."

See Abby Mott on Saturday at the Lo-Fi Social Club, 1825 N. Charles St. The Courtesy Line, the Red Vines and Among Wolves will also perform. Doors open at 8 p.m. Go to myspace.com/lofisocialclub. The band: myspace.com/abbymottmusic.

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