'Dogs shouldn't cry 'playoff'

The Baltimore Sun

The confetti had hardly stopped falling in the Superdome after LSU's 38-24 win over Ohio State in the national championship game Monday night when there was a call for a playoff system for college football's big schools.

That the bleating for a tournament was almost immediate was not surprising, but what was off-putting was where it came from - the president of the University of Georgia, Michael F. Adams. Adams is also a big shot in the NCAA as chairman of the executive committee. So what he says carries a lot of weight and makes news, and he should know that.

Not so coincidentally, Georgia wasn't selected to play in the Bowl Championship Series title game. The Bulldogs won the Sugar Bowl and finished No. 2 in the final Associated Press poll.

So to sound off on an eight-team tournament - whether that position has merit or not - less than 24 hours after rival LSU had just won the title (and in doing so, implying that perhaps the Tigers shouldn't have been there) was in especially bad taste and reflects poorly on the institution Adams represents.

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