First-class balancing act

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Teon Watson, a starting forward for Annapolis, has done an exceptional job of balancing academics and athletics. The 6-foot-2 senior has a weighted 5.0 grade point average and is ranked No. 11 in his senior class of 469.

Watson, a member of the school's International Baccalaureate program, plans to major in business management at Georgetown, North Carolina, Maryland, Howard, Morgan State or Morehouse. He has been accepted at Georgetown, a school that he says he "is 90 percent sure" he will attend.

Watson's father, Teddy Watson, was The Sun's Anne Arundel County boys basketball Player of the Year in 1982.

How are you able to manage a 5.0 GPA and start on the varsity basketball team?

My success is staying organized. That's the key, keeping focused and not letting anything distract you. And still knowing how to have fun is important.

Do academics come easy for you?

Honestly, for the most part, yes. I pick things up easy. I never get frustrated with the workload when things pile on but take on little by little. Spanish and history are my favorites.

Do you like to be challenged?

Yes, I do. I knew high school was going to be tough, but the IB program has prepared me well for college. The IB provides you with an idea of what's to come in college.

Do you get a lot of support from your parents, Teddy and Michelle?

Yes, I do, and it's extremely important to get their help and support. Life in general is a whole lot easier with the support of my parents. In our family, academics are first and sports are second.

Do you think you could play basketball at Georgetown?

They have a great program, and I could possibly walk on, but I 've talked to an assistant coach, and if I can't make it as a walk-on, I could possibly become a team manager.

What is your role on the Annapolis team?

I'm a team captain and one of our best defensive players. I also contribute to scoring and rebounding. I love playing basketball.

Who keeps you focused on the sometimes unselfish task of defense?

My mother and father are always emphasizing defense to me and, of course, coach [John] Brady does.

How is the team chemistry?

It's very good after we started slow. We are picking up and getting into a rhythm.

What else are you involved in at Annapolis?

I'm in the National Honor Society, Student Government Association, Role Model program, IB student ambassador, worked at the University of Maryland school of journalism and have been a tutor for other students in all subjects. And I am still involved in the Relay for Life.

What are some other things you like to do?

Hang out at the mall with friends, and I love to eat. Pasta, steak at the Outback are favorites. My three favorite places to eat are the Outback, Cheesecake Factory and Olive Garden.

What kind of music do you like?

Hip-hop and R&B.;

Do you know what your occupation will be down the road?

I want to be a sports agent and possibly own a sports franchise one day.

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