You gotta be a football hero ...

The Baltimore Sun

What's that old sports saying about the quarterback getting the girl?

Over the weekend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was soaking up rays and kicking back in Mexico with Jessica Simpson, an event captured in a series of still images by the paparazzi (who these days might be armed with nothing more than a cell phone).

And in Las Vegas, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart was at his home away from home - Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace - reportedly with reality television's Kristin Cavallari. It wasn't clear whether Leinart was there specifically to help celebrate Cavallari's 21st birthday or if it was just a happy coincidence. You might recall that Leinart celebrated his first-round draft selection at the same club in 2006 with Paris Hilton.

Given Romo's playoff bobble a year ago, some folks might suggest doing something other than taking a trip south of the border on a playoff bye weekend, but he has had a great season, so perhaps you can cut him a little slack. But Leinart, with his two-year passer rating of 71.2 that was even worse when he got hurt this season, should probably rethink the Vegas nightlife thing until he starts earning some of that cash the Cardinals are paying him.

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