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Moore named deputy managing editor

The Baltimore Sun

Paul M. Moore, a veteran Sun editor who has spent nearly four years as the liaison between readers and the paper's staff, will return to the newsroom effective tomorrow as the deputy managing editor for operations.

Publisher Timothy Ryan said in a statement that the paper would not hire another public editor, but will moderate a new interactive blog between readers and Sun journalists for Moore's Sunday column, which looked at the public's perception of the paper, will be discontinued.

Moore will retain some duties of the public editor position, including answering questions about news content and managing corrections.

"There is no way to overvalue how important and essential it is to have contact with readers, even if it's feedback that is sometimes very negative and information that can be troublesome to hear," said Moore, 57. "It's been an invaluable resource and will continue to be. ... I feel like I will be a better editor."

Ryan said The Sun would "ensure interaction" with readers through the blog and continued publication of reporters' e-mail addresses, corrections and letters to the editor.

"Communication with our readers is very important to us," Ryan's statement said.

In his new position, Moore will be in charge of the daily newspaper's production and supervise the photography department and news, copy and design desks.

Moore was a deputy managing editor of The Sun from 2000 until taking the public editor post, which reported to the publisher, in May 2004. He came to The Sun in 1996 as an assistant managing editor after spending 14 years at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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