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M. Schottenheimer might be good fit

The Baltimore Sun

I'm not disappointed that New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will not interview with the Ravens. McDaniels is only 31, and that would have been a major factor if the Ravens had hired him as head coach.

How could a coach that young walk into the Ravens' locker room and tell players such as Ray Lewis, Derrick Mason and Chris McAlister what to do?

The Ravens just need to be patient. So many times, teams go after the hot coach, or look to find the candidate who coaches an area where they were weak in the previous season. I suspect that's why offensive coaches such as the Indianapolis Colts' Jim Caldwell and Dallas Cowboys' Jason Garrett are so high on the Ravens' list.

The Ravens need to look beyond these coaches' immediate successes. McDaniels looks good with Tom Brady and Randy Moss, but how good was he when he didn't have those guys? Was Garrett as good when he didn't have Terrell Owens and Tony Romo? If I were the Ravens, I'd continue to put the full-court press on Bill Cowher, a teammate of Ozzie Newsome's when they played in Cleveland. If Cowher isn't interested, another interesting choice would be Marty Schottenheimer.

Schottenheimer is old school. He has won everywhere he has gone. He might not have won the big one, but he gets there.

Schottenheimer has the personality to take control of the Ravens' locker room again. He'll tell No. 52 to pipe down. He'll tell Jonathan Ogden there will be no special treatment in training camp, so go ahead and retire. He'll tell tight end Todd Heap to stop being so soft, or go play for somebody else. He'll make Ed Reed stop gambling so much, or hit the bench. When this search is all said and done, Schottenheimer might not be a bad choice.


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