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First-ballot Hall debate is just first-rate nonsense

The Baltimore Sun

Mr. Flip has never been a voter for the Baseball Hall of Fame, though he has worked with many people who are voters - or are at least eligible to vote (policy at The Sun prohibits staff members from voting on outside honors or awards or in polls). He has found those members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America to be conscientious, thoughtful and well-meaning in their deliberations over who deserves the sport's highest honor.

However, there is one thing Mr. Flip has never agreed with - the matter of being a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

This year's class will be announced tomorrow, and we will see again how some voters hold to the view that only certain players deserve to be voted in during their first year of eligibility. Others might be Hall of Famers, but they have to wait.

This makes no sense.

None of the players gets any better or worse during the years between votes. None of the players already in the Hall and used for comparison gets any better or worse during the years between votes.

If Goose Gossage belongs in the Hall of Fame, he doesn't belong this year any more than he did last year.

But, then again, Mr. Flip doesn't get a vote.

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