Identity thief gets 2 years

The Baltimore Sun

A Prince George's County man who used a former soldier's identity to obtain credit cards and take out tens of thousands of dollars in loans received a two-year prison sentence in federal court in Baltimore yesterday.

U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett also gave Tosin Okunbanjo, 33, of Mount Rainier, who had pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft, a year of supervised release after the prison term.

According to his plea agreement, Okunbanjo entered the United States using a false passport bearing the victim's name and date of birth. Okunbanjo married a U.S. citizen, obtained a Maryland driver's license, obtained employment, enrolled in college, received more than $41,800 from lenders through four student loans, three credit cards and a car loan, and ultimately became a lawful permanent resident, all under the false name of the victim.

Prosecutors did not say how Okunbanjo obtained the victim's personal information.

The unidentified victim, described only a lawful permanent resident from North Carolina, had served four years in the military, prosecutors said. While in the military, the victim filed for U.S. citizenship in 2005.

As a result of the identity theft and questions about his immigration status, the victim was initially denied citizenship and was forced to resign from the military, according to prosecutors. Since the case was investigated, the victim has become a citizen, authorities said.

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