Bill Cowher

Title: TV analyst, former Pittsburgh Steelers coach.


Age: 50.

Skinny: When he opts to return to the NFL, Cowher will become one of the highest-paid coaches in history. He led the Steelers for 15 seasons, winning the Super Bowl in the 2005 season. But Cowher has said he isn't interested in coaching next season, declining an interview with the Atlanta Falcons earlier this month.


Jason Garrett

Title: Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator.

Age: 41.

Skinny: Garrett is considered one of the most sought-after assistants in the NFL. In his first season as coordinator, the Cowboys have had one of most explosive offenses in the league. There has been speculation that he would be hired in Miami if new Dolphins vice president Bill Parcells fires coach Cam Cameron.

Rex Ryan

Title: Ravens defensive coordinator.

Age: 45.

Skinny: Ryan, who technically was fired as well yesterday, would be the favorite to replace Brian Billick if the Ravens players had a say. In his first two seasons as coordinator, the defense ranked fifth in 2005 and first in 2006. He was a finalist for the San Diego Chargers' head coaching job last season. His father, Buddy, is a former NFL head coach.


Kirk Ferentz

Title: University of Iowa coach.

Age: 52.

Skinny: The Ravens likely will be focused on NFL personnel in their search, but Ferentz is intriguing because of his link with the club. He was the Ravens' assistant head coach/offense from 1996 to 1998, when the team had a productive attack. Ferentz had taken Iowa to four straight January bowl games, but his teams have struggled the past three seasons with a 19-18 record, including 6-6 this season.

Josh McDaniels

Title: New England Patriots offensive coordinator.


Age: 31.

Skinny: McDaniels has built a strong reputation in two seasons as a coordinator. The Patriots' offense set several records in 2007, including the NFL single-season scoring mark. It wouldn't be surprising for the Ravens to take someone from Bill Belichick's staff because of general manager Ozzie Newsome's history with the Patriots coach.

Marty Schottenheimer

Title: Currently retired, former San Diego Chargers coach.

Age: 64.

Skinny: Schottenheimer is known for consistent success in the regular season but repeated struggles in the playoffs. He led the Chargers to the NFL's best record in 2006 before being fired in February. He recently said he probably won't return to coaching but would consider it under the right circumstance.