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Ex-spouse accused of tape and tell

The Baltimore Sun

An Anne Arundel County man pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges that he videotaped himself and his ex-wife in a sex act without her knowledge.

William A. Hendry IV, 38, of Edgewater has been charged with two counts of illegal wiretapping; he is accused of producing a videotape and recording cell phone conversations without his ex-wife's consent between September 2005 and late 2007 at his former home in Pasadena, according to court documents. After making the tapes, Hendry contacted his ex-wife's husband to say he had proof that the woman was cheating on him, according to court records.

Hendry said in a brief phone interview yesterday that the charges are false.

"I'm not admitting to anything. It's basically a - what do you call it? - domestic thing over money that should have been thrown out. ... I did not tape us having sex," he said.

He referred further questions to his lawyer. Attempts to reach the lawyer, Nicholas D. Capousis, were unsuccessful yesterday.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Anne Arundel County police Oct. 18, Hendry's ex-wife, Christa D. Bacchus of Edgewater, told authorities that Hendry showed a videotape of the two having sex to her husband, Philip M. Bacchus. She told police that before she was confronted by her husband, she did not know the tape existed and "never consented to it."

Police obtained a search warrant for Hendry's home in the 200 block of Mayo Road and seized a Sony video camera and a tape that showed Hendry and his ex-wife having sex, according to the complaint.

The complaint states that Hendry "made admissions to recording Christa without her knowledge or consent." Hendry and Christa Bacchus have been divorced since 2001, court records show.

In an interview with police, Philip Bacchus, who lives in Edgewater, said Hendry contacted him in September and told him his wife was cheating on him and that he had proof.

After several conversations between the two men, Hendry told Philip Bacchus that he had a videotape of himself and his ex-wife having sex, and played over the phone an audio portion with Christa Bacchus' voice, according to court records.

Philip Bacchus told police that he went to Hendry's house Sept. 27, and watched the videotape. He told police that "it did not appear on the video that she knew she was being taped."

Philip Bacchus filed for divorce from Christa Bacchus in November, court records show.

Hendry entered his plea in a hearing yesterday in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court. The charges against him carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.


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