Signing off

You can want your newspaper to be objective, but in the case of the New York Daily News, it decided just to object. And what the News is objecting to is New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas. The newspaper printed "Fire Isiah" signs Saturday, after a fan was tossed from Madison Square Garden for holding up a sign with the same message.

The full-page sign came with instructions: "to be held up during next Knicks blowout."


Sort of news you can use.

Rock the vote


So here's why you don't want your daughter dating a top-flight college quarterback. At the Friends of Crazy Joe Davola blog, photos are posted of Florida's Tim Tebow with three attractive young women. After checking out the pictures and reading the hormone-crazed accompanying commentary, readers are asked to vote on which one is hottest.

(Joe Davola, by the way, was a Seinfeld character who was, uh, crazy. Mr. Flip is not sure whether that character had a blog.)

Check the stats

Oh, and you don't want your daughter dating the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback, either. compared Tony Romo's two recent girlfriends with a Tale of the Tape of Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson.

Some comparisons:

"The difference is ... ": Simpson: "She's a pop singing blond bombshell." Underwood: "She's a country singing blond bombshell."

"Stance on showing some skin": Simpson: "Considering going nude for cinematic credibility." Underwood: "Won't let her stomach show during concerts."

"Endorses": Simpson: "Hair extensions and acne medication." Underwood: "Candy bars."


"Meat matters": Simpson: "The 'tuna or chicken?' moment." Underwood: "Was named 'World's Sexiest Vegetarian' by PETA."

The matchup concludes with a "Supporting Our Troops" category. Underwood is shown wearing a camouflage jacket and singing at a USO event. Simpson is seen flashing a "V" sign (for peace or victory, it's not clear) while wearing a red-white-and-blue, stars-and-stripes bikini.

Not so silly

On the PGA Tour, end-of-the-year events that don't count for official money earnings are termed the "silly season." But there is nothing silly about the cash.

Masters champion Zach Johnson won $1.1 million in four of those tournaments. Johnson made $3.9 million in official PGA Tour earnings this year, but that took him 23 events. Fred Couples played just two regular tournaments in 2007 because of back problems, but being silly three times banked him $572,000.

Mr. Flip recalls the Monty Python routine that involved the Ministry of Silly Walks, but he doesn't remember any prize money involved.


Compiled from wire and Web reports by Mr. Flip, who would like you to think of today's extra appearance as a belated Christmas present.