Those dysfunctional Falcons

The Baltimore Sun

The Ravens are struggling through an eight-game losing streak, but it could be worse - a lot worse. How? Two words. Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons are probably the worst-positioned franchise in the NFL, maybe in all of major pro sports.

Think about it. Michael Vick's situation leaves an enormous talent vacuum. The coach they started the season with just ran out on them. The owner, Arthur Blank, has indicated he has lost confidence in the guy who was running the franchise, Rich McKay.

Bill Parcells, the guy who was going to plot their football future, spurned them. Blank has had egg on his face twice this month.

Which free agents, who have a choice about where they play, would want to go there?

Drafted players will be hostages to Atlanta, but will the front office be on top of its game on draft day?

The guy I feel sorry for in Atlanta is running back Warrick Dunn, a talented player who is responsible for about 14,000 yards from scrimmage and whose philanthropy sets a high bar for all athletes.

But Dunn is in his 11th season and running out of gas.

If Dunn wants it, here's hoping Blank finds a way to make him part of the rebuilding.

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