Apple laptops are great; Dell has more power

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I am in the market for a new laptop for mostly home use (with occasional travel). I have always used Dell desktops at work that run Windows XP. I have no experience with Apple products other than my iPod. I know from limited research that I can in fact run Microsoft's Excel on a Mac, but I wonder how difficult that is.

- Scott Stafford

The two systems used to be miles apart in how they worked and how you used them. But now there is no transition time required to run Excel or other common programs on a Mac. Using them is basically the same.

Apple makes fine laptops. Apple also rates very high in the surveys I've seen as far as tech support and product support. There's also this benefit: Most virus writers target Windows machines. While an Apple isn't immune to viruses, it's much less likely to get one. Also, Apples are trendier and more stylish - you're more likely to get admiring comments in the airport security line if you slide an Apple machine on the conveyor belt.

On the plus side for sticking with a Dell, you get more power for the dollar in the Windows world (some Mac enthusiasts would argue with that, but heck, they'd argue with almost anything).

What is the number for telephone support for the Grisoft anti-virus software that you often recommend?

Patty Warner There is no telephone support. That makes sense considering the free version of Grisoft is free. So blame the company for not spending money on it. However, you'll find links to forums and help on the main Grisoft Web site: http:/ For those wishing to download the free version, try: http:/

Bill Husted writes for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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