Glimpsed in Annapolis

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There are suits, and then there are suits. Many professional athletes take suits and turn them into atrocities. Some politicians wrongly think blue blazers with gold buttons and khaki slacks are suits.

For those of you with questions, please behold, on O. John Baghdadlian, a suit.

A suit should fit a man's proportions, not drape him like a tablecloth or make visible, when he's standing, his socks.

A nice tie is a bonus, but when worn without one, passers-by should not be put in the mindset of John Travolta. The shirt should be crisp and well-fitting, the colors should be understated and classy. Men, please take notes.

Age: 36

Residence: Annapolis

Job: Owner of La Belle Cezanne Jewelers

Self-described style: "Business smart."

The look: Gray custom-made suit. White button-up shirt. Black belt. Black Bruno Magli shoes. Baume & Mercier watch.

Where it came from: Suit and shirt made for him by Benchmark Clothiers. Belt and shoes, he can't recall.

All-day dresser: "I look at what my daily schedule is going to be, like anywhere from customers to dinner plans with either friends or clients. I pretty much get dressed for the entire day."

Favorite clothing item: "It depends on the season. In the summer, I don't do the suit jacket, but I always enjoy a button-up, collared shirt with a rolled-up cuff and a pair of slacks. I even like that look of jeans with the rolled-up cuffs, but an untucked shirt, of course."

Why no tie?: "I think for a number of factors: number one, comfort. Another point would be it kind of makes the situation a little more mild from a business perspective. You can go and make someone feel uncomfortable if you're too dressed up."

Men and jewelry and accessories: "I'm not one to wear a lot of jewelry. I do like a nice watch, a pair of cufflinks from time to time, and, one day, a wedding band. I always say, 'Clothes might make the man but the accessories make the individual.' Everybody has their thing. ... For me it's a nice watch and nice clothes."

Watches as personality meters: "A lot can be told by the type of watch a person wears. I think a watch has a lot to do with a man's personality. If you like to be a little more loud and outgoing, there's those watches, and if you're more of a modest, subtle person, there's more of a tasteful, traditional, classic timepiece."

Rolex is to Gucci as male is to female: "I would think a man and his watch is like a woman and her handbag."

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