WJZ, WBAL continue to dominate ratings

Baltimore's long-running tug-of-war continues, as WBAL, Channel 11, and WJZ, Channel 13, once again staked competing claims for TV dominance in November.

For the November sweeps period, which ended Wednesday, WJZ emerged as the region's top-rated TV station for total viewers, thanks in no small part to the large number of football fans who continue watching the Ravens, in spite of the team's five-game losing streak.


Measured from 6 a.m.-2 a.m., the average rankings for each quarter-hour were:

1. WJZ: 5.7 rating, 13.3 share


2. WBAL: 4.7 rating, 10.9 share

3. WMAR, Channel 2: 2.5 rating, 5.9 share

4. WBFF, Channel 45: 2.3 rating, 5.4 share.

Each ratings point translates to roughly 11,000 viewing households. The share is the percentage of the viewing audience. The numbers are compiled by ACNielsen, a national market research firm.

For local weekday newscasts, the pattern remained the same as it has for months: WJZ generally won the morning, while WBAL was top dog in the evening, when audiences are larger. More specifically, WJZ won the 5 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. slots, while WBAL carried the 6 a.m. slot. WJZ won big at noon, maintaining its 6.0 rating/19.8 share, while WBAL slid from a 4.6 rating to a 3.7 rating/12.4 share.

WBAL won the evening news slots: 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and the biggest broadcast, the late-evening news. For the weekday late broadcasts, the numbers broke down as:

1. WBAL: 10.0 rating/17.8 share

2. WJZ: 9.2 rating/16.5 share


3. WBFF, 10 p.m.: 5.3 rating/7.8 share

4. WMAR: 3.2 rating/5.8 share

5. WBFF, 11 p.m.: 1.9 rating/3.4 share