Ravens vs. Patriots

The Baltimore Sun

This week's guest is Comcast sportscaster Brent Harris.

Jamison Hensley

Patriots, 34-10

This would be a game if Tom Brady was playing the 2000 Ravens defense.

Edward Lee

Patriots, 38-16

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Kyle Boller is no A.J. Feeley.

Rick Maese

Patriots, 78-10

The Ravens' only hope is if Adalius Thomas enters the wrong locker room at halftime -- taking Tom Brady and Randy Moss with him.

Don Markus

Patriots, 45-7

Troy Smith's first touchdown as a Raven are his team's only points.

Mike Preston

Patriots, 45-15

The Patriots can name the score they want in this game.

Peter Schmuck

Patriots, 31-12

At this point, beating the spread probably would be a moral victory.

David Steele

Patriots, 41-13

The Eagles took away the Ravens' last hope: that the Patriots might show up complacent.

Brent Harris

Patriots, 27-10

The defense plays well and the Ravens cover the spread.

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