Packers, Cowboys fans might be kept in dark

The Baltimore Sun

As the Green Bay Packers-Dallas Cowboys game nears and more people realize they're not going to be able to see tonight's game on their home TV because it's being broadcast on NFL Network, ire is rising. In the local areas, meaning Dallas-Fort Worth and Green Bay-Milwaukee, the games also must be carried on over-the-air channels. But many regions of Texas and Wisconsin that certainly consider the Cowboys and Packers their home team are being shut out - unless, of course, they have satellite or some upgraded cable package.

Here's the saddest tale so far. According to a story written by Rachel Cohen of the Associated Press, a guy named Mike Martel who owns nursing homes in San Antonio said that the elderly folks, who normally congregate in the common rooms to watch the Cowboys every Sunday, won't get to see the big game because the nursing home gets only basic cable.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones has been pretty smug about the Cowboys' role in all this because he apparently believes that fan consternation over popular games eventually will work to the NFL's favor in its feud with some of the nation's biggest cable companies over how they offer NFL Network (and, as a result, how the cable companies bill customers).

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