Quick thoughts while waiting for O's news

The Baltimore Sun

I want the Orioles to do something soon. Anything. Sign some minor league free agents. Name a new manager at Aberdeen. Isn't there an opening in Bowie?

I can hold your interest for only so long.

Maybe Brian Burres will appear on Howard Stern's radio show this week and reveal that he mixes skim and 2 percent milk in his cereal.

Former track star Marion Jones was stripped of all of her victories since 2000, which no longer makes her bowl-eligible.

Too bad. Everyone else will be playing in one.

The Terps are candidates for the Humanitarian Bowl and the Emerald Bowl, but coach Ralph Friedgen mentioned they might be in the mix for the Meineke Car Care Bowl.

Oooh ... fingers crossed.

Every time receiver Koren Robinson is on the field when the Green Bay Packers are moving the ball, I expect him to be flagged for driving under the influence.

The Dallas Cowboys will beat the Packers on Thursday night. And I'll miss it because my cable company doesn't carry the NFL Network.

That's OK. I always can watch the 72nd showing of You, Me and Dupree on HBO. It all evens out.

So have the Orioles done anything yet?


I hear Kevin Millar has been invited to throw out the first drunk at the Clask 'N Flagon.


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