NFL gets signals crossed on Packers-Cowboys game

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News item: The Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers meet Thursday night in a renewal of one of the NFL's greatest rivalries, but two-thirds of American homes will not get the game because of a dispute between the NFL Network and the major cable providers.

My take: It'll be a great night to own a sports bar. I'll have the chicken fingers, the nachos, the mini-burgers, two orders of jalapeno poppers and a Diet Coke.

News item: Disgraced track star Marion Jones was stripped of all her victories since September 2000 and ordered by the International Association of Athletics Federation to repay $700,000 in winnings.

My take: Good luck trying to collect that money. Steroids are pretty expensive.

News item: Coach Dennis Franchione, who was reprimanded by Texas A&M; in September for selling inside scouting information in an electronic newsletter, resigned after the Aggies upset rival Texas for the second straight year in football.

My take: He won't be unemployed for long if Bill Belichick has anything to say about it.

News item: Alex Rodriguez received a $1.5 million bonus from the New York Yankees for winning his third Most Valuable Player Award.

My take: In three years, he'll probably find that check wedged between the seat cushions in his car and wonder what it was for.

News item: No. 11 Southern California hammered No. 7 Arizona State on Thursday night, keeping open the possibility of an old-fashioned Rose Bowl showdown against Ohio State.

My take: For a longtime USC fan, it doesn't get any better than that ... if the Trojans win. If not, I'll have to listen to former Buckeye Stan White gloat for a year.

News item: Orioles president Andy MacPhail will head for the winter meetings in Nashville, Tenn., next week, hoping to remake the roster and set up the team for long-term success.

My take: I know he'd like to unload Aubrey Huff and his big contract, but the Playboy Channel doesn't own a team.

News item: Trainer Greg Anderson might return to jail rather than testify at the perjury and obstruction of justice trial of former client Barry Bonds.

My take: What an amazing display of personal loyalty. Bonds, meanwhile, probably can't place the name.

News item: Arkansas became the latest college football underdog to knock off one of the top two teams in the country, beating LSU on Friday in a triple-overtime thriller.

My take: It's getting to the point where you have to wonder if anybody really wants to play in the Bowl Championship Series title game.

News item: Former Sen. George Mitchell could release his much-anticipated steroid report in the next few weeks.

My take: Can't wait. My sources tell me he'll report that major league players used steroids to bulk up and hit lots of home runs. I know I'm going to feel a lot better once we have that settled.

News item: Hawaii defeated Boise State on Friday night to win the Western Athletic Conference title and improve to 11-0, but still has not cracked the top 10 in any of the college football polls.

My take: Don't get too indignant. Boise State is the only ranked team the Warriors have played this season.

News item: The commissioner of the Canadian Football League predicted Friday the NFL will eventually move into Toronto.

My take: Wow, that's a stretch. If there were any money in it, the NFL would put a team on Mars. Actually, there are plans for exhibition games there in 3006.

News item: Donovan McNabb will not play against the New England Patriots tonight.

My take: And the spread was 22 points before his status was in serious doubt. Guess the 1972 Dolphins can keep the champagne on ice for one more week.

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