5 Things I Have To Have Now

The Baltimore Sun

After working seven years as a contributor for WBAL radio, Shari Elliker started doing her own show on Sundays this past summer. Then in September, she got a full-time gig, The Shari Elliker Show, which airs weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon. Along with the job came a new home. She moved from Alexandria, Va., to Fells Point. Elliker, 45 and single, says she loves her new job and her new town.

When she thinks of what she wants, she thinks of one thing: food. Here are five lunches she would love to have, not only for the food but also the conversation.

1. Lunch with Ed Hale

"To borrow money and get tips on building my new high-rise in Canton. It'll be a blast."

2. Lunch with Peter Angelos "To help him with his image and planning an extreme makeover (and talk him into selling the Orioles to Cal)."

3. Lunch with Brian Billick

"Just so he can have a relaxing lunch with someone who knows nothing about football and won't coach him on how to win."

4. Lunch with Gov. Martin O'Malley

"I would monopolize the conversation, order things I can't afford and leave him with the bill. (Just so he would know how we feel.)"

5. Lunch with God

"Not only for the bragging rights, 'Guess who I just had lunch with ...', but, also to ask him if this is anything close to what he had in mind.

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