Power rankings

The Baltimore Sun

Where the Ravens fall in the latest power rankings:


No. 24: Brian Billick prepares his team for the inevitable pitfalls of a season - injuries, streaky play, lineup changes. But a reversal like Sunday's wacky Immaculate Deflection? "That's not one scenario I've covered," Billick said.


No. 25: Doesn't 13-3 seem like years ago? In the summer, some thought this was the best team in football. Now they're near the bottom of their division.


No. 25: It took three quarters to get going, but Kyle Boller looked good in the game's final moments. In the effort, Boller surpassed Vinny Testaverde as the Ravens' franchise leader in passing yards. Yeah, so at least he's got that going for him.


No. 25: A lot of these guys will have something to tell their grandkids: The day they hauled us out of the locker room to go finish the game.

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No. 26: Ray Lewis is tied for the NFL lead in total tackles (92).

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