A sugar 'Rush' for the holidays

The Baltimore Sun

August Rush feels like the cinematic equivalent of being stuffed with fruitcake and doused with a gallon of egg nog, so if that's the sort of thing you go in for around the holidays ...

Freddie Highmore (Finding Neverland) stars as a Dickensian orphan, Evan, with an ear so prodigious that he can hear the music in everything. This talent doesn't exactly make him popular at the orphanage, where listening to the wheat with your arms outstretched and an ecstatic smile on your face is grounds for a solid beating. But little Evan is staunch. He's convinced that if he listens hard enough, he'll hear his parents, and if he ever learns how to play an instrument, they'll hear him and they'll all be reunited.

August Rush (Warner Bros.) Starring Freddie Highmore, Robin Williams, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Myers. Directed by Kirsten Sheridan. Rated PG. Time 100 minutes.

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