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Official 'very emphatic' kick was good

The Baltimore Sun

The Ravens thought they had won yesterday's game at the end of regulation when an official ruled Phil Dawson's 51-yard field-goal attempt no good after it ricocheted off the left upright, hit the support bar and bounced back into the end zone.

After a nearly five-minute discussion among three officials (referee Pete Morelli and the two standing underneath the goal post on the kick), Morelli reversed the ruling and called the kick good, which tied the score at 30 and sent the game into overtime.

"Basically, you have to trust one of the decisions of what actually happened on the play," Morelli said after the game. "One of the officials [field judge Jim Saracino] signaled no good. One [back judge Keith Ferguson] was very emphatic that the ball hit the extension and came back across, which in Rule 11, Section 5c [says] the entire ball must pass through the goal. In case of wind or other forces cause it to return through the goal, it must have struck the ground or some object. And that object was that extension on the back [support bar]. We determined that was what it struck. Therefore, it made the field goal good."

Under league rules, field goals are non-reviewable.

"I did not go under the hood or use replay at all," Morelli said.

But WMAR-TV has a tape of Morelli going over to the replay booth and putting on a headset. Ravens assistant Vic Fangio had to be restrained because he was yelling to Morelli that the play couldn't be reviewed.

According to the NFL, Morelli did not look at replays. He was talking to the replay official about whether the field goal could be reviewed.

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