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Dill pickles with strawberry jam? Pregnant women are known to go for late-night meals like that. And the senses can go haywire. Here Jessy Randall of Colorado Springs gives us a look at one such woman. - Ted Kooser

Her sense of smell is ten times stronger.

And so her husband smells funny;

she rolls away from him in the bed.

She even smells funny to herself,

but cannot roll away from that.

Why couldn't she get a more useful superpower?

Like the ability to turn invisible, or fly?

The refrigerator laughs at her from its dark corner,

knowing she will have to open it some time

and surrender to its villainous odors.

Ted Kooser served as United States poet laureate from 2004 to 2006. Reprinted from "A Day in Boyland," by Jessy Randall, by permission of the author. This column does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

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