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Can Williams find paradise in football?

The Baltimore Sun

If you ever doubt that America is the land of opportunity, look no farther than Ricky Williams, the running back who is on his fourth or fifth chance at a pro football career with his recent return to the Miami Dolphins.

Williams looks different. He's clean-shaven, from dome to chin. And he sounds a bit different. He's not utterly the vague, navel-gazing guy we had come to know. Last week, he said he wanted to be a football player and that he realized it was what most fulfilled him.

"Someone asked me a question. They said: 'Do you like playing football?' " Williams said. "I thought about it and I thought about it. ... And the next day, I was doing this exercise and I was writing down my ideal paradise moment. And when I really thought about it, [paradise] was playing football."

But when asked if he wanted his Dolphins career to end on a high note (pretty easy question, right?), he said: "It's just going to help me get to where I want to be. I want to get on with my life. I want to go back to school and pursue a profession outside of football. Playing football is the best way for me to get there." bill.ordine@baltsun.com

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