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Havre de Grace senior Donny Sherman found himself in an odd situation last year -- caught between three sports that he enjoyed playing.

Sherman, who played football on the junior varsity as a freshman and sophomore, hurt his shoulder late in his sophomore year. He didn't want to jeopardize his baseball chances when 11th grade began, so he turned to an old favorite: soccer.

He enjoyed soccer, but Sherman missed football and had a tough time being a spectator when Havre de Grace won the football regionals last year. He returned to the football field this season and became one of the team's top players, playing wide receiver, cornerback and safety.

Sherman, 5 feet 10 and 170 pounds, led the Warriors in receptions (23) and interceptions (three) in the regular season and played a big role in what will be his only varsity season. He helped them back to the playoffs, where Havre de Grace was set to meet county rival Joppatowne on Friday night in a Class 1A regional game.

Why did you decide to come back to football this year?

The only reason that I missed football last year was because I had a shoulder injury that I got in my sophomore year. I wanted to make sure it was OK for the baseball season. The shoulder popped out of the joint and stretched the tendons. That's why I didn't want to do football last year.

Did you like playing on the soccer team last year?

Soccer was still fun for me. I played recreation soccer when I was a kid, and last year I played on defense. But I usually play wing. I had a couple of assists.

When did you decide to come back to the football team?

I knew I was playing this year. My shoulder was better ... so I could [play again]. Coach [Johnny] Brooks really understood my situation, and he was good about it.

What was hard about coming back this year and becoming a football player again?

It was just learning all the offenses and learning all of the routes. On defense, it was learning the coverages and the adjustments again. It wasn't really physical things. It was mostly mental.

How were your football teammates about you rejoining the team after missing last year to play soccer?

This year, coming back, they were good about it. I'm a captain now. The team, last year, they got on me a little bit. But I knew that, with my shoulder, it was the best thing for me.

Which sport do you want to play in college?

I'd like to play baseball in college. I've got a couple of schools in mind. I'm thinking about McDaniel and York and some others. I'd also like to play football, too, if that's possible. But baseball is what I really want to do.

Who do you consider to be your idol?

On the football field, it's Ed Reed, and outside of that, you could say my parents because they really mean a lot to me.

What do the Ravens and Orioles need to do to get better?

The Ravens need to get the quarterback situation settled. The Orioles -- wow, they need everything. A whole new pitching staff, more power in the lineup and new management.

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