A Drink With Pat Turner

The Baltimore Sun



Pat Turner, 56, is president of Turner Development Group. He is known for developing some of Baltimore's older buildings into new projects, like his current Silo Point and Westport ventures in South Baltimore. Turner lives in Guilford with his wife, Jeanine Turner. His son, Eric Turner, 30, works with him.

I always assumed you were from Baltimore, but you grew up in Florida. How did you end up here?

I got discharged from the Army [after serving in] Vietnam. Came here to visit family and ran out of money. I spent five years trying to get back to Miami. Then I fell in love with Baltimore.

What made you fall in love with the city?

For a city that's emerging the way Baltimore has been, there's more opportunities here than in most cities in the country. To be able to find a metropolitan city that has grain elevators and Westport. ... We were looking at old hospitals, old bowling alleys [to redevelop]. The type of adaptive re-use we do, Baltimore has a lot of those types of products.

What about you would surprise people who know you?

That I grew up very, very poor in Miami and lived part of my life in a house in the middle of an automobile junkyard. When you meet people, they tend to see you as you are now. They think you were that way your entire life.

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