Big names in town for 'Into You'

A-list actresses Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Connelly will be in town this weekend, shooting the final scenes for He's Just Not That Into You to lend some geographic authenticity to the romantic comedy set in Baltimore.

Set to be released next summer, the movie is based on the popular self-help book by comedian Greg Behrendt and Sex and the City writer Liz Tuccillo. While the film's plot has been kept under wraps, the book lists all the excuses a woman concocts for why a man she longs for doesn't seem interested.


Ginnifer Goodwin of Big Love and Kevin Connolly of Entourage will also be filming scenes, which should start today and continue through Monday. But most of the ensemble cast, including Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore, won't be on location because He's Just Not That Into You was shot primarily in Los Angeles.

Dave Fulton, the movie's publicist, says the film is expected to wrap this weekend with a number of indoor and outdoor scenes, including some in Mount Vernon Square and outside nearby restaurants.


Yesterday, despite the rain and wind, crew members started work, altering the facades of Thairish and the Helmand restaurants on Charles Street. While the entrance of Thairish only was covered with cardboard, the Helmand underwent more drastic changes. The Helmand's manager, Assad Akbari, says contractors with the film changed its sign and swapped out the front door.

Although the filming will affect the restaurants' hours, Thairish owner Kerrigan Kitikul jumped at the chance to have Hollywood stars in his small restaurant.

"I just closed the whole weekend," Kitikul said. "It'll be good to have time off."

Mount Vernon residents might be slightly more inconvenienced.

The city Department of Transportation issued a traffic advisory Wednesday stating the west side of Charles Street will be closed intermittently between Centre and Madison streets.