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Carroll against site for center

The Baltimore Sun

Carroll County officials are recommending abandoning a 40-acre site on McKinstry's Mill Road in Linwood for a new fire training center after percolation tests found multiple sinkholes on the property.

Linwood residents were told of the results and shown a alternate site for the project during a meeting Tuesday night with county and fire officials and Commissioner Julia Walsh Gouge.

After receiving a geologist's report on the percolation tests, Tom Rio, county bureau chief of building construction, said, "I am recommending we abandon the site because we can't get a perc test. We're not going any further with testing."

Asked whether the commissioners would accept Rio's recommendation, Gouge said, "In reality, if it doesn't perc, it won't go. There's nothing we can do."

Lehigh Cement Co., which donated the land, is offering an alternative -- a 40-acre parcel for the training center off Shepherd's Mill Road adjacent to Route 75, west of Linwood.

Residents who strongly opposed the McKinstry's Mill site were more amenable to the new location farther from Linwood but expressed concerns about traffic, access to the center and visibility from the village's homes.

Rio said the county's development review process likely will require a traffic study for the project, while Scott Campbell, director of the Office of Public Safety Support Services, said the county could install screening between the center and Linwood, if necessary.

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