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Mission accomplished

The victory of Navy's football team over Notre Dame earned midshipmen at the Naval Academy a day off from class.

Spirituality center

Elwood "Bunky" Barlett, the Mega Millions winner and Wiccan high priest, plans to build a center in Baltimore County where spirituality, religions and nature meet.

Verdict in dragging death

A Baltimore County judge found the driver of a truck guilty of manslaughter in the death of a toddler whose stroller was dragged nearly a mile.

Facing nurse shortage

State hospitals and universities announced an ambitious plan to double the number of registered nurses educated in Maryland in two years.

Preakness sets limits on BYOB

Next year, fans at Preakness will not be able to bring alcoholic beverages into the grandstand or clubhouse, but still will be allowed to carry canned beer into the infield.

Aberdeen mayor loses

Challenger Michael E. Bennett unseated incumbent S. Fred Simmons in a tough-fought election that ended a contentious two-year term for the mayor.

Police trainee arrested

A Baltimore police trainee was arrested at the police academy after being implicated in the armed robbery of a fast-food restaurant.

Schools to get bottled water

City schools announced they will provide bottled water to all schools after tests turned up unacceptable lead levels at 10 water fountains.

Wallace shooter released

Arthur Bremer, 57, who shot and paralyzed former Alabama Gov. George Wallace during a presidential campaign stop in Laurel 35 years ago, was paroled from prison.

Navy physician convicted

A Navy doctor was sentenced to 46 months in the brig after being convicted in a military court of secretly taping midshipmen having sex in his Annapolis home.

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