New highways open

The Baltimore Sun

As reported Nov. 16, 1967, in The Sun:

More than 10 miles of new state highways in Howard and Baltimore counties were opened to the public yesterday afternoon at a brief but cold dedication ceremony.

Among the audience of about 75 persons were several dozen construction workers, contractors, Howard and Baltimore county politicians and State Roads Commission officials.

Construction of six miles of Interstate Route 70N, which will connect the Baltimore Beltway and Route 29, and 4.5 miles of a dualized Route 29 from I-70N to Route 108 costs slightly more than $14,000,000, most of which was paid for by the Federal Government.

Jerome B. Wolf, chairman of the State Roads Commission, and other speakers said they were confident that the state legislature at its next session would find the additional revenue in order to keep the state's road construction on schedule.

Only this week, the Howard County legislative delegation and county commissioners emphasized that the state should give the highest priority to building a dualized Route 29 from Route 108 to the Montgomery county line.

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