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Glimpsed in Roland Park

The Baltimore Sun

Layering, a major trend of the past several seasons, has mainly been couched in terms of women's fashions. But men can, and should, layer their clothes, too. One of the easiest ways to layer is with a sweater vest. Not only does the vest add a little something extra to the traditional slacks-and-button-up-shirt look, it's also a way to keep warm - but look cool at the same time. At Miss Shirley's in Roland Park, Dana MacDonald showed his flair for fashion in a conservative sweater and a funky beret. Tres chic!

Age: 36

Residence: Catonsville

Job: salesman for Heaven 600 radio station

Self-described style: "Urban business."

The look: Black slacks. Black sweater vest. Blue button-up shirt. Black shoe-boots with a slight pointed toe. Black beret.

Where it came from: Slacks, vest and shirt from Macy's. Shoes from Aldo's. Hat from The Underground, a mall in Atlanta.

What's 'urban business'?: "It's stylish, but yet I can still step into a conference room and feel comfortable."

The method to his morning dressing: "I used to plan it out, but now it's really I just get up in the morning and see what I feel like putting on. It usually starts from the slacks and then goes from there. I see what slacks I feel like putting on or what suit I feel like putting on, and then I determine the shirt and tie or sweater."

Sweaters aren't just for Mr. Rogers: "I'm into sweater vests. I like sweater vests because you can stay warm, but also they add a little flair to your outfit. So a lot of time I'll wear a shirt and tie with a matching sweater vest. Sometimes I'll actually even wear a suit and put on a vest along with it."

Tam, tam, tam!: "The weather called for a hat, but I couldn't put on a baseball hat, or to put on a skully [hat] is totally inappropriate for what I have on and for what I do. This hat, it keeps my head warm, but it also is appropriate for the type of clothes that I wear."


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