She's on the right track

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Lindsay Lippencott is keeping busy during her senior year at C. Milton Wright.

She just finished her fourth year on the Mustangs cross-country team, and she runs indoor and outdoor track while preparing for college. She has applied to the University of North Carolina, UNC-Wilmington and East Carolina and is planning to study elementary education.

Because Lippencott has completed most of her academic requirements, she's able to get out of school early in the day. She's putting that time to good use, taking calculus at Harford Community College two days a week. Lippencott also plans to take another course in the spring.

She also had to overcome a health scare this season, after she passed out twice at races and nearly fainted another time. After she underwent tests, doctors said dehydration was the problem and cleared her to run. She has been fine since and looking forward to the rest of the year.

What got you into running?

I started in fifth grade. There was a Harford County track club. I joined them, and when I first started, I ran half-miles. I did well, and I was always happy with it. I just always really enjoyed running. My parents always have really, really encouraged running. I used to be a soccer player, but running is my thing.

What has been your best moment running at C.M. Wright?

Winning the state title freshman year. We had an emotional state meet. Two girls collapsed, but we were still able to pull off the win. After winning the state meet, we had the honor of going to Oregon for the first-ever Nike Team Nationals. Nationals was probably the most amazing experience I've had in high school.

Do you want to run in college?

I'd really like to if it's possible. I'd like to give it a shot.

What's it like to take classes in college now?

I really enjoy it. I get to get out at 10:40 a.m., and it's good because I take a lot of [Advanced Placement] classes, and on the days I don't have college classes, I get to come home and start my homework, and that's nice. It's a better solution than having to take bad classes your senior year. I've been really prepared for college courses at my high school. It hasn't been too bad. I wasn't scared; I was excited. I have calculus every Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon.

Were you scared when the health problems came up?

The first time it happened, I had had a good race, and it was totally worth it. But the second time, it was weird. I didn't really remember a lot of things. We think that I may have been dehydrated. It was a little scary, but I think everything's OK now.

How has this season been for the team?

We have a lot of girls that have really, really improved. For the team, it's been a great season. Being in big meets really helps us prepare for the state meets.

What's in your iPod now?

I love Taylor Swift. A lot of country music, some Fall Out Boy. Dane Cook, too. Sometimes I listen to Christian contemporary music before a race to relax and calm my nerves.

What's your favorite TV show?

I love Friends. I just like the humor. I can do homework and kind of half-listen to it, and it's still funny. I have the first eight seasons on DVD.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

I would like to be a teacher. I want to teach really young kids and influence them.

What will you miss most about high school?

Definitely cross country. I will miss my teammates so much, and I'll really miss my coach [Donnie Mickey]. I train with them all year, and I've gotten to know everyone really well. Donnie's a really great coach, and we can joke around with him.

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