Suspend your disbelief: Henry in trouble again

The Baltimore Sun

I can't believe this guy.

Wouldn't you think that Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry would be doing everything within his power to stay out of trouble, now that his eight-game suspension is over? Wouldn't you think he would be listed in the program as Choir Boy? Wouldn't you think he would avoid trouble at any cost, even if it means being a shut-in?

Not Henry. Reports have surfaced that he allegedly was involved in an altercation with a parking attendant Tuesday, the night before he was allowed to rejoin the Bengals. No charges have been filed, but does it really matter? It's more bad behavior from a really bad guy.

According to an Associated Press story, Henry refused to pay the attendant after parking his SUV in an "entertainment district" in Newport, Ky.

Yeah, this guy needs to be hanging out in an entertainment district. Good call. I'm sure he assumed there was a Chuck E. Cheese's nearby. Darn the luck.

I'm not sure which part of the story I enjoy more - that he reportedly crumpled up a $5 bill and tossed it on the ground, or that he did so after yelling, "Don't you know who I am?"

I'd be like, "Yes, of course. You're that loser from the Bengals who keeps getting arrested and suspended and embarrassing your employers and the league."

The Bengals aren't commenting because charges haven't been filed. So for now, Henry will be in uniform Sunday against the Ravens.

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