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Avert eyes from Ravens mudbath

The Baltimore Sun

How bad was it?

The Pittsburgh Steelers squeaked by the Ravens 38-7 on Monday Night Football. It was the worst loss in Brian Billick's reign as the Ravens head coach. It wasn't a much better loss for everyone else.

In fact, the game got so ugly so early, fans reported the next day they almost turned off the game. Rather than watch the slaughter, fans almost:

Read a book.

Ate something healthy. Like fruit.

Talked with spouse and not just about the day - but about hopes and dreams for the future.

Changed the channel to watch MythBusters. Monday's episode: "Adam and Jamie test some flammable Hollywood fables."

Exercised. Not half-hearted sit-ups during the game, but actual treadmill time. Even found the jump rope bought at Dick's for reasons no one in your family believed.

Called Mom - and not from work, for a change.

Called sister. "No, really, who is this?"

Put air in the tires of the minivan after being asked every day since last Monday's football game.

Walked the dog - a real walk this time. Not one of those abbreviated walks where he knows you know it's a shortcut.

Started holiday gift list to get an early jump on holiday depression.

Opened six outdated BlueCross BlueShield statements that appear to involve family health care.

Grabbed a notebook to jot down quality ideas for the next workday.

Coach Billick, you will pay for all of this.

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