With Gibbons' future, O's options limited

The Baltimore Sun

Though Orioles officials will be busy this week, it would be a major surprise if they pulled off a trade. It's just not expected to happen this soon. But stay tuned. Maybe someone will overwhelm them.

I should run a poll asking what you think will happen to Jay Gibbons, since so many people are asking me - and I honestly don't know. I'm sure the Orioles don't want to eat his contract, but that would be choice No. 1. They could attempt to trade him for an equally bad contract (No. 2), or keep him and hope that he stays healthy and has a productive season as a left-handed designated hitter and pinch hitter.

Since Andy MacPhail isn't responsible for the contract, he's more likely to release Gibbons than were the individuals who negotiated the extension. But I'm sure the Orioles will look to trade him first. I just can't imagine that there's a long line of takers.


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