'Manhunt 2' off the mark

The Baltimore Sun

The hype surrounding the ultra-violent Manhunt 2 may have scared some parents, but players of the horror-movie inspired game will receive no such sense of dread from this wooden would-be thriller.

As is often the case, Manhunt 2 makes a much better news story than an actual video game. The game -- essentially banned over the summer by the ratings board in the United States -- was released last week with a "mature" rating after its designers toned down the torture and brutality. The modified edition for the Nintendo Wii, Play Station 2 and its portable version, remains banned in Britain, whose oversight panel said the changes "don't go far enough."

Manhunt 2 (Rock Star Games) Available on Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. Rated M for mature audiences. Retail price: $39.99-$29.99.

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