There's something so deceptively simple about a fabulous dress. You might look at this blue bombshell and think, "That's style? How hard is it to throw on one little dress in the morning?" But that's where you'd be oh-so-wrong. This dress is fabulous on its own, with the feminine detailing, covered buttons and flair at the hem. But it also fits Lauren Reiser like it was made just for her, and is in a color so stunning, it actually made people stop and stare. This is exactly the kind of dress every woman should own.

Age: 24

Residence: Locust Point

Job: Commercial interior designer for Arris, a Design Studio Inc.

Self-described style: "Sexy, classy and comfortable."

The look: Blue Tahari dress. Black Anne Klein peep-toe pumps. Printed vintage clutch.

Where it came from: Dress from Nordstrom. Shoes from Filene's Basement. Purse, she can't remember.

Femininity is power: "At work, I deal with different types of people, from clients to contractors. So I always dress in what makes me feel confident, no matter who I'm going to meet. I don't compromise my femininity for a male-dominated field. When I'm working, I try to have a really feminine style -- dresses and skirts. But on the weekends, in my free time, I can be a little bit more casual and fun."

This dress says more than just "sexy": "I had to present a finished scheme to a client today, and the color of the dress tied into some of the colors in the presentation. It shows how my color selections transform not only into interior spaces but also into fashion and our culture, by matching my clothing."

Good bargains can be found in Annapolis: "I shop in Annapolis a lot -- any boutique there."

"Waif" is a four-letter word: "I choose clothes to complement my curvaceous figure. I never go out [shopping] with the objective to get a certain item. If I like it and it looks good on me, then I go with it."


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