Here's another idea: Bonds a no-show for 2008 season

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News item: Barry Bonds said he will not show up for his Hall of Fame induction ceremony if his record-breaking 756th home run ball is displayed at Cooperstown with an asterisk on it.

My take: I love it when Barry gets all righteously indignant. Frankly, I'd settle for him not showing up for the 2008 season.

News item: Sources told on Friday that Alex Rodriguez refused to meet with the New York Yankees unless they were prepared to offer him a contract extension worth at least $350 million.

My take: The Yankees should feel honored. A-Rod refused to meet with Hank Aaron at the World Series for free.

News item: It took only 44 years and three overtime possessions, but Navy finally ended its interminable losing streak against Notre Dame.

My take: Roger Staubach is off the hook, and he can put his phone back on the hook during the week leading up to next year's game.

News item: The New England Patriots are listed as 5 1/2 -point favorites for today's showdown against the defending Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts.

My take: Tom Brady will cover that spread on his first possession.

News item: The Patriots have lost top running back Sammy Morris for the remainder of the season to a chest injury suffered in their Oct. 14 game against the Dallas Cowboys.

My take: This is the break the rest of the NFL has been waiting for. I can't see the Patriots averaging more than 45 points per game the rest of the way.

News item: Top-ranked Ohio State scored 21 points in the fourth quarter to dispatch Wisconsin, 38-17, and remain undefeated. The Buckeyes play Illinois on Saturday before finishing up with a showdown at Michigan.

My take: They're going to the BCS title game and I'm never going to hear the end of it from Stan White.

News item: The Orioles have declined the $7.5 million contract option on injured pitcher Kris Benson, who missed the 2007 season after undergoing rotator cuff surgery.

My take: I'm going to miss Mr. And Mrs. Benson ... and the 11 games he would have won next year.

News item: Joe Torre has signed a three-year, $13 million contract to switch coasts and manage the Los Angeles Dodgers.

My take: Outside New York, he might be just a regular Joe again, but he's really got nothing to prove anymore.

News item: Curt Schilling listed on his Web site the 13 teams he would be willing to sign with as a free agent.

My take: Strangely enough, none of them was the Orioles, even though his wife is from this area and Schill has always claimed he loved playing here. Must have something to do with wanting to win.

News item: Former Oriole Sammy Sosa said at a news conference in the Dominican Republic that he wants to play next year but won't sign for less than $7 million.

My take: Considering that he had 21 homers and 92 RBIs in just 114 games in his comeback season, that doesn't seem like an unreasonable number, but I'm guessing he settles for $3 million plus incentives.

News item: Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek surprised trick-or-treaters on Halloween with an impromptu post-World Series autograph session outside his Newton, Mass., home.

My take: He's a fine player and a good guy, but if I'm one of those neighborhood kids, I only want his signature if it's on a king-size Snickers bar.

News item: In a creative publicity stunt, the Triple-A Toledo Mud Hens became the first team to extend an offer to free agent Alex Rodriguez.

My take: In a perfect world, they would also be the last.

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