Ravens defenders get drilled with 'up-down'

The Baltimore Sun

At the end of Friday's practice, the Ravens' defensive players lined up in a circle and ran a series of "up-down" drills in which players drop face-first to the ground and get up immediately and do it again.

Defensive coordinator Rex Ryan said it had to do with jumping offside.

"Nobody wants to do them even when you're a kid, but it still works," Ryan said.

Is there any reason that would make Ryan do them? "Nah, I certainly hope not," he said.

Ravens coach Brian Billick empathized with the difficulties surrounding Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, a friend of Billick's.

On Thursday, a judge who sentenced Reid's sons to prison likened the coach's home to "a drug emporium" and questioned whether his adult sons should live there, given their drug problems.

"The hard part is for it to be displayed in a public manner," Billick said. "I understand that's the choice we make when we get into this profession. Some of the observations that are made ... it's unfortunate and it's regrettable. Our heart goes out to Tammy [Reid's wife] and Andy. They are very good friends of mine. I can understand the difficulties that they are dealing with right now."


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